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Solar Panel Recycling for Renewable Energy Projects

Solar Panel

Our client, a nationwide utility-scale engineering, procurement, and construction renewable energy service provider, faced a challenge in managing solar panel disposal. As a contractor of renewable energy services, they were looking for a solution that aligned with their mission.


As an energy service provider, they manage several solar projects. After uninstalling old and broken solar panels, they needed to find a suitable disposal outlet. They were looking for a large-scale vendor that not only offered a competitive price but also provided a sustainable solution.

Our Solution

On Demand Service

Ensuring the timely disposal of their old solar panels is crucial for our client. To meet this need, a dedicated Account Manager schedules their services, ensuring prompt and efficient disposal within a narrow time window.


Our national coverage allows us to serve the various locations where the client’s projects are located, offering a unified solution.

Sustainability Focus

Functional and refurbishable solar panels were sent to countries with electricity shortage, giving them a second chance. Non- functional or broken panels were sent to our international partners for recycling, obtaining valuable materials such as copper and aluminum.

Cost-Effective Approach

Our partnerships allow us to not only offer the best prices in the market, but also a rebate for old functional solar panels.

Our client received a rebate for panels that were functional and refurbishable, which were sent to countries with electricity shortages. For the non-functional or damaged ones, they were sent to our international partners, who recycled those panels and obtained valuable materials such as copper and aluminum, allowing us to offer the lowest price in the market.

We are proud to offer not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also a cost effective approach, without compromising the quality of our services. By choosing to partner with us, our clients mitigate risks, achieve regulatory compliance, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

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