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Case Study: Ashley HomeStore

Dimension handles waste management needs in multiple Ashley HomeStore locations, for both recurring and ad hoc removal needs of bulky furnitures such as mattresses. Our service is low cost, sustainable, requires minimum staff help from the client side, and meets the aggressive timeline the client hopes to keep their warehouses well operated. In addition, our online platform allows the client to check their service status in real time, and has convenient invoice reporting features that solves the finance headaches of a big corporation.


  • Space is precious! In many of Ashley HomeStore’s warehouse locations, there is a frequent need to free up warehouse spaces in a timely fashion. Bulky items such as mattresses need to be removed quickly to improve the warehouse efficiency.
  • In addition to timeliness, Ashley HomeStore also cares about cost of removal, as well as whether it is handled sustainably. They prefer to use a little of their staff’s time/ effort as possible, to reduce cost on their side.
  • There are multiple store/warehouse locations to serve, and Ashley HomeStore prefers to have one provider instead of many small providers. They are looking for a large-scale vendor with reliability, flexibility, and transparency
  • In addition, Ashley Homestore’s General Managers hope to see real time reporting online, in real time, and is compliant with the web security standard of the company.
  • If there is an issue during the service, Ashley HomeStores hopes to have a single contact account manager from the waste provider side that they are able to go directly to with any requests at any time for service, billing, and customer support for any pickups not already on a set cadence

Our Solutions to Ashley HomeStore

Nationwide Presence

Dimension is committed to serve any Ashley HomeStore location nationwide, without having to know a complete list of all the locations. Ashley Homestore can always reply upon our provider network regardless of the city and state of their locations.

Flat-Rate Quality Service

Dimension sets cadence for regular pickups, paired with flexibility of an account manager for ad hoc needed services. With a pre-negotiated flat rate pickup cost nation-wide, the local branch manager does not need to get into endless price bargains for each specific request. Every waste provider is fully trained and provided the right context, to understand how to handle the waste removal task for each warehouse location without disturbing Ashley HomeStore’s staff.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Dimension takes the unwanted mattress to the right dump sites in each city, where they will be broken down and recycled, to maximize sustainability effort.

Online , Compliant, and 1 Point of Contact

Dimension works with the IT and security specs required by Ashley HomeStore. We provide SSO web portal access to log into all accounts from main hierarchy parent account for the right manager to see the job status in real time. In addition, we have all documentations and invoices uploaded into the web portal for compliance in one convenient location. In the case of any support needs, there is a single dedicated account manager dedicated to this account, so that we are always available to our client and build a lasting business relationship.

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