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Dimension helps American Beverage Retailer with their Cardboard Disposal across the West Coast

Our client, a Beverage Retailer, known for their vast selection of products, is one of the largest alcoholic beverage distributors on the West Coast. As the company continues to thrive and expand, the challenge of managing the substantial volume of cardboard waste generated from packaging materials grows.

From reducing landfill waste to enhancing operational efficiency, our tailored cardboard removal solutions offer a pathway to further our client’s sustainability goals while optimizing their waste management strategies.


Our client needed a centralized solution for the disposal of cardboard from their more than 160 stores across the West Coast. They sought a reliable and flexible large-scale vendor at a competitive price.

Our Solution

On Demand Service

Timely disposal of their cardboard is crucial for our client. To meet this need, a dedicated Account Manager will schedule their next service at their convenience, ensuring prompt and efficient disposal within a narrow time window.


Our national coverage allows us to serve our client’s stores distributed across the West Coast, offering a unified solution for their various locations

Sustainability Focus

The cardboard will be taken to the appropriate recycling facilities in each city, where it will be broken down and recycled, maximizing sustainability efforts.

Cost-Effective Approach

Dimension offers a customized pricing scheme that not only saves money but also aligns with our client’s business model, making it a practical choice for their needs.

We are proud to offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for all of our client’s stores across the West Coast. By partnering with us, our clients mitigate risks, achieve regulatory compliance, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

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