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Nationwide Bike Franchise teams up with Dimension for sustainable hazardous waste disposal

Our client amidst its national expansion, encountered the complex challenge of hazardous waste disposal. Dimension Waste Management emerged as the pivotal partner, offering innovative and eco-friendly waste solutions. Our services ensured that our client could focus on its core mission, while adhering to environmental regulations.

With Dimension’s tailored waste management strategies, each of our client’s stores signified not just a hub for quality bikes but also a commitment to ecological responsibility. This partnership exemplified the perfect blend of business growth and environmental stewardship, propelling both companies into a future where innovation and sustainability ride in tandem.


Our client needed a safe and hassle-free solution for the disposal of their hazardous waste. They reached out to us for assistance in disposing of their hazardous materials in a compliant manner. Failure to do so could result in regulatory penalties, environmental damage, and health risks for their employees and community.

Our Solutions


Ensuring timely disposal of hazardous waste is crucial for our client. To meet this need, a dedicated Account Manager will schedule their next service, ensuring prompt and efficient disposal within a narrow time window.

Transportation and Disposal

Our trained professionals safely transport this hazardous waste from their location to a licensed EPA approved disposal facility, adhering to all transportation regulations.

Documentation and Compliance

We manage all documentation, including manifests and certificates of disposal, to ensure full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

National Coverage

Our national coverage enables us to serve our client’s locations spread across the country, providing a unified solution for all their shops.


We offer a customized pricing scheme that not only saves money but also aligns with our client’s business model, making it a practical choice for their needs. We don’t compromise on quality, and by staying compliant, we’ve eliminated the risk of incurring any fees or fines.

This is how Dimension helped with their Dumpster Rental

This is how Dimension helped with their Junk Removal

Dimension and their Multi-Location and Multi-Service Solution

Cost Effective

Aside from providing Hazardous Waste Disposal services, we’ve been helping with junk removal, and dumpster rental. Our comprehensive services ensure that all aspects of waste management are efficiently and effectively taken care of, providing our client with peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

We are proud to offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for Hazardous Waste Disposal Services, ensuring compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility. By partnering with us, our client mitigates risks, achieves regulatory compliance, and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

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