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Dimension: A Multi-Service Solution for a Nationwide Bicycle Manufacturer

Dimension National Coverage

As our client, a Bicycle and Cycling Product Manufacturer, expanded its operations nationally, it confronted the multifaceted challenge of waste disposal. As a manufacturer, they encounter diverse types of waste, from cardboard to hazardous materials. With multiple stores across the country generating various types of waste, this manufacturer sought a centralized solution for all their needs.


Our client’s stores require different types of services, from dumpster rental to hazardous waste disposal. They were looking for a centralized and reliable solution for their waste management needs from their different shops.

Our Solution

Dimension, with national coverage and capabilities to handle every waste stream, offered a unique platform that would help them handle their waste disposal with one single point of contact.

On Demand Service

There are various wastes that require a different type of handling methods, and ensuring a timely disposal is crucial. Our client’s stores generate everything from hazardous waste to cardboard at different rates and frequencies. 

To address this challenge, a dedicated Account Manager maintains constant communication with our client, making sure that all their waste management needs from their various stores are promptly and effectively addressed.


Our national coverage enables us to serve our client’s stores spread across the country, providing a single solution for all their locations. 


Because of the nature of our client’s business, Dimension is the perfect fit for their different needs. We offer a centralized platform that allows our client to streamline their waste management processes. This includes junk removal, dumpster rental and hazardous waste disposal. Our comprehensive services ensure that all aspects of waste management are efficiently and effectively taken care of, providing our client with peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their core business operations. 

This is how Dimension helped with their Hazardous Waste Disposal

This is how Dimension helped with their Dumpster Rental needs

This is how Dimension helped with their Junk Removal

We are proud to serve our client by offering not only a Multi-Location and Multi-Service solution,  but also a cost-effective approach, without compromising the quality of our services. By choosing to partner with us, our clients mitigate risks, achieve regulatory compliance, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

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