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Hand sanitizer disposal: save 50% on disposal cost by doing good

Are you a business owner or public agency that hoarded pallets of hand sanitizer, detergent, face masks, face shields etc from Covid? Do you know hand sanitizer is a fire and public safety hazard. You may receive penalties in your next fire inspection if expired or overstocked sanitizer is not removed properly.

If you have tried to rid of these materials, you may realized very few recycle sites in the U.S accept them in large volume and the quotes were too pricey.

You arrived at the right place! Dimension Waste Management ( has deep expertise in removing large volumes of sanitizers and PPEs. We have served businesses big and small, many school districts, and various state and local governments with removing sanitizers and PPE materials. We transport them in qualified vehicles to facilities worldwide that would recycle sanitizers back into ethanol products or biofuels.

Because our network of worldwide factories as the end destination, our price is less than 50% comparing to local solutions in the U.S.

Because of our expertise, State of California has selected Dimension as its sole provider for removing sanitizers and PPE materials starting Jan 2023 (see the press release here). We serve nationwide in every zip code in the U.S.

Why choosing Dimension over other providers when you consider removing PPEs?

  • Less than 50% comparing to competitor pricing. We ship expired sanitizers to recycle facilities worldwide. Because the cost of living difference in these countries, our recycle price is less than 50% comparing to U.S. based solutions.
  • We divert sanitizers to recycle facilities where they will turn into ethanol and biofuel to be reused.
  • Safe and reliable disposal for hazardous material, with documentation. Because PPE is considered hazardous waste, we only work with certified and experienced providers and recycle facilities that accept PPEs. You can track your order status, including all the pictures, dumping receipts, etc, when you book the service with us. You will receive documentation after the job completion.
  • Nationwide coverage. We serve every zip code in the U.S. and can serve 8 AM – 8PM local time.
  • If you are a public sector customer including public schools and universities, it is possible the budget is already allocated to remove PPEs. We will help you navigate the procurement.

Dimension ( has been a trusted waste management partner for America’s best companies like Amazon, Ashley Homestore, Instacart, Weee!, Sares Regis etc. Tech-enabled, Dimension brings the waste management industry into the modern world, where managing complex waste needs is as simple as clicking a button. Dimension can help you with your waste headaches.

Simply click the “Receive a price quote” button below to fill out a 1-min survey. Our account manager will reach out within 24 hours after the survey submission.